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Most Relevant Milestones

  • Born into this crazy world
    SINCE JULY 8TH, 1976
    1976 was a really hot summer in Munich, my home town. It was so hot that even the fire brigade had to go out to water the big trees in my birth hospital "Rechts der Isar" because they were threatening to dry up. Since then, "white-blue" blood has been flowing through my veins and even though I now live with my family in the Achental valley near Lake Chiemsee, the connection to the cosmopolitan city with a heart remains strong.
  • University Degree
    SINCE 2005
    I finished my studies of business informatics in 2005 at the Julius-Maximilians-University in Würzburg one year later than originally planned. I interrupted it for a year to work in Spain for a German mechanical engineering company (Koenig & Bauer AG) as a CRM project manager and then returned to my alma mater with a heavy heart but only reluctantly to finish my degree.
  • Executive Leadership Coach | Agile Transformation Mentor & Advisor
    SINCE 2015
    Becoming a coach was never really my original objective. It has developed naturally and organically over the years from my various roles as a logical consequence. Today I consider myself very grateful to have found my true vocation. Since 2015 I have been working as a coach, mentor and advisor and with increasing experience, continuous learning and feedback I have come to realize to be a real "game changer" for my clients in this role for their professional career. So why not with you?!


Post graduate work experience


Coaching, mentoring & advisory of executive leadership


Coached & trained

Effective leadership is the fine art of cultivating a high performance & continuous learning environment to elicit intrinsically motivated & goal-oriented behavior from people who therefore freely choose to advance a common cause.

___Christian Naundorf (Executive Leadership Coach)


My Personal Golden Circle

Everything I do is ultimately based on my deep inner conviction and attitude that there is an outstanding leader in every human being, who is often just waiting to develop his or her full potential. It fills me with great satisfaction, inspiration and joy when I can experience and support the development of a person at first hand.

Through my open-minded, empathic and direct manner I quickly build up great trust and a valuable connection to most people. Coupled with a positive basic attitude, this creates a climate of security, goodwill and performance.

No matter if I am in 1:1 coaching with executives, support teams in group sessions, or moderate trainings and workshops, my curiosity and fascination for what makes people successful as a group and individuals always drives me on.

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Christian Naundorf. company owner


My Coaching Approach

“G N O T H I   S E A U T O N” (anc. Greek for “recognize yourself”) – already in the middle of the 5th century B.C. these essential findings could be read on a column of the porch of the temple of Apollo in Delphi, Greece. Much has changed since then but one thing is more important than ever: Self-knowledge through self-reflection. It is exactly where your leadership journey starts and continues and it is the key to learn about one’s own blind spots and individual shortcomings. Radically changing markets with new rules require fast, structured and continuous improvement of your own leadership skills at any level. It is a well proven fact that any change starts with you first. Only a coach will tell you things you don’t want to hear and make you see things you don’t want to see.

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Christian Naundorf
Leadership Coach | Agile Transformation Mentor & Advisor


Beastly important teachers


“So when your horse makes a mistake, look for the cause in yourself. And if you do not find it, then search more thoroughly.”

_____Egon von Neindorff (successful German riding master)

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I have been fascinated by horses since childhood, and my first contact with these graceful creatures was at stables in our neighbourhood. For many years now we have had our own horses and the work with the animals, the riding and the ground work according to classical horsemanship has had a lasting effect on me personally. The daily contact with our two horses gives me great pleasure every day, even if not always everything goes according to plan ;-).

Ultimately, the animals teach me that it is my sole responsibility to help them understand me as a human being and to meet them at eye level with respect and humility. My biggest lesson is that this is the only way to build trust and a strong partnership and to develop together.

“A coach is someone who sees the things you don’t want to see

and hears the things you don’t want to hear

to help me become the person I always wanted to be.”


___ Jonathan Rosenberg, Senior Vice president Alphabet


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Here Is What My Clients Say

One upon a time you are lucky to be picked as coachee – by a great coach. After experiencing some of Christian techniques in bigger groups, I directly jumped into the coaching journey and never regretted a minute of it. Christian inspired me to look at challenges from different angles and after his coaching sessions I usually had a plan to continue with new energy. You probably had this experience as well: coming out of a session and knowing what to put focus on. Thanks a lot for your time invested into me. 🙂
Kirsten Sons
Senior Director Projects & Programs at adidas
Christian is a highly motivated individual, diligent with attention to detail, skilled in modern ways of coaching and change management, who creates a very strong motivation across individuals and teams. Competent, friendly and approachable, he will be a great asset to any organization.
Marius Lückemeyer
CDO MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group
Christian´s impact on every single individual and thus entire companies cannot be valued high enough. His passion to inspire and empower people is outstanding. You have to experience Christian´s stunning visualization skills and if you are lucky you will receive an original ‘Naundorf’.
Birgit Schmidt
Customer Retention Product Manager at REDBLUE Marketing GmbH
Christian is an excellent listener, is present and can convey his solutions enthusiastically. He engages intensively with theoretical approaches and can apply them profitably in the context of the problem. His many own experiences help to tackle topics properly. Through his empathy he reaches his audience immediately.
Dietmar Boehlke
Head of Legal at CGI Deutschland B.V. & Co. KG
Christian’s humane yet professional guidance of all Leadership collaboration was critical to organizational focus, and ongoing tracking of all topics. His positive presence and guidance was always critical to the communication and progress of meetings, and Christian always went out of his way to offer help to any individual needing his individual attention. Christian is a masterful business problem-solver, who starts with people and communication. I hope I have the opportunity to work with him again in future.
David King
Department Lead User Experience at MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group
It is a pleasure to discuss (agile) leadership topics with Christian. Out of the box thinking and openness in discussion have led us to insights which I would not have gotten by own reflection only. Even only an hour of discussion is a boost like a day’s vacation away from daily work and thoughts.
Renato Batistic
Lead Product Owner Multichannel Experience at MediaMarktSaturn Germany
Christian provided us Agile Coach support during one of our projects and I have to say that this was an interesting eye opener experience for me and the whole team!...
Emine (Aksoy) Ahmed, PMP
Director Tech Project Management at adidas AG
Although I worked with Christian directly for just 6 months, I could clearly see his positive impact and passion for organizational and agile transitions. Christian is driven by the true values and principles of the Agile Manifesto and he has a highly-developed growth mindset based on continuous improvement. He asks thought-provoking questions, he shares his ideas willingly, and furthermore he is a great communicator. For any organization or initiative that desires a true change agent who truly seeks to listen and understand first, then move forward, I highly recommend Christian. It was a pleasure collaborating with him.
Jeff Himmelright
Agile & Scrum Practitioner at Siemens Healthineers

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